• Moments in Camouflage History

    Camouflage, or cryptic coloration, is a natural adaptation in the animal kingdom to help animals survive. Camouflage is a technique that began to be used in the military when trench and aerial warfare became part of military strategy, and it is also used by hunters.Read More

    12/19/2017 Education 2616
  • A Guide to All Things Screen Printing

    Screen printing is a technique that applies ink to a garment through a woven mesh that has a stencil of a logo or design on it, whereas embroidery applies a design with thread. Screen printing is typically lower in cost than embroidery. Screen printed shirts can commonly be found in gift shops, with a design printed on the front or back or both sides of the garment.Read More

    05/24/2017 Screen printing, Education 9301
  • 5 Tips When Creating a Promotional Shirt

    Whether you own a retail establishment and want to get your name out there or you have a cause near and dear to your heart, one excellent way of sharing your message is by ordering promotional t-shirts.Read More

    04/11/2017 Screen printing, Education 5281
  • A Guide to All Things Embroidery

    When most of us hear the word embroidery we think of a logo or some other design that is placed on clothing or other accessory with thread. There are many aspects to the process that we will explore here. Read More

    01/10/2017 Embroidery, Education 2039
  • Embroidery Backing: An Overview

    Embroidery Backing, which is also known as Embroidery stabilizer, is one of the most important components to producing a high quality finished product. In this writing I will provide a background for working with Backing. I will outline what Backing is, tips, how it is used, various applications for Backing, and the types of Backing available. Read More

    01/04/2017 Embroidery, Education 2896
  • The Importance of Safety Apparel in the Workplace

    For many workers, wearing the right outfit can make a huge difference between staying safe and putting themselves in danger. Safety apparel and workwear can protect a worker from any number of different dangers. Read More

    05/06/2016 Education 1783
  • Companies Doing Great Green Things

    Over the last few years, the word green has become an all-too-popular buzzword that gets thrown around without much discretion or accountability. Specifically in the world of industry, it's somewhat counter-intuitive to be considered green while thriving on production and consumption;Read More

    04/20/2016 Education 2095
  • A Short History of the T-Shirt in the USA

    This is the first in a series of articles relating to the history of the t-shirt in the United States. The first manufacturers, trends and how all that has led us to today's modern tee. The t-shirt as we know it first came to the USA during World War I.Read More

    02/04/2016 Education 1618
  • Customizing Hats with Embroidery

    We are often asked if we can screen print on hats and our best answer is customizing hats should be done with embroidery. On many hats it is simply not possible to print. There are some work-a-rounds, but for the most part hats have to be embroidered.Read More

    10/14/2015 Embroidery, Education 2737
  • A Bit About Buttons

    Now we would now like to take a look at the Button. Not the kind that you push to get to your floor in an elevator nor the kind that you tap to turn off your phone. Here we are talking about the ancient and still every day item used in everything from clothing to home decoration.Read More

    09/22/2015 Education 1623

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