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Gildan Activewear and Wholesale Gildan Shirts

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Showing 1 - 20 of 64 items


Healthy active families need durable, functional activewear to keep up their activities. Gildan Activewear is a great solution for multi-purpose activewear. Gildan offers high-quality t-shirts, sweatshirts and underwear that is made to be used by busy people. Men, women and children can enjoy their days in comfort and style in these wholesale Gildan shirts.

Sports and Outdoor Living

If your family likes to spend leisure time outdoors hiking, climbing and playing, you will love the comfortable array of clothing from Gildan that will stand up to your vigorous activity. Gildan activewear takes a beating and comes back for more. Wear it, wash it and wear it again on your next outdoor adventure. If you are serious sportsman, you will love Gildan's performance clothing. Brightly colored performance t-shirts are great for runners, bikers and team sports. You certainly can go the extra mile when wearing Gildan. Even if most of your sports are the virtual variety, you feel cozy while you play.

Casual Nights Out

For evenings that call for a polo shirt and sweatshirt or just a t-shirt, men, women and kids will find plenty of selections to wear. Have the guys over for drinks and football or get the women together for a s'mores night around the campfire. Gildan clothing will be the perfect style for those group get-togethers. Wholesale Gildan shirts will keep you warm in cooler weather and cool in warm weather. You will enjoy your time with friends and look great, all while forgetting about your clothing because it feels so comfortable.

Training for Sports Competitions

Gildan also offers the ideal performance activewear for training. Whether you are training for a race, adding more weights to your workout or doing yoga, your Gildan activewear will keep up with you without becoming misshapen or uncomfortable. For training outdoors, neon-bright colors will ensure that drivers see you on the side of the road or on the track whether you are walking, running or jogging. Kids will also love the Gildan tees for training for school teams or even just playing with friends.

Sturdy Underwear

Underwear is often the clothing that no one wants to discuss, but we need it to be sturdy and comfortable. Wearing underwear that doesn't fit right or you feel throughout the day can distract you from what is truly important. Gildan specializes in underwear to fit and hug your body with softness. Even toddlers will enjoy wearing Gildan while they play. Made to feel good against sensitive skin, Gildan activewear briefs and undershirts protect your body from harsher fabrics.

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