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Red Kap Clothing

Red Kap
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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items

Looking professional and feeling comfortable at work are both important. Red Kap Clothing is the perfect line for hardworking men to wear on the job. Red Kap Workwear comes in ideal colors and styles for uniforms and standard business wear. Wholesale Red Kap shirts in short-sleeves and long-sleeves are easy to wash and wear and hold up well to a busy work routine. For anyone who is on-the-go every day visiting customers and moving products in and out of cars, trucks or vans, Red Kap's button shirts, industrial work shorts, industrial work shirts and cargo pants are multi-purpose, multi-functional career clothing worn in industrial settings.

Clothing for Distribution Workers

Many industries have client sales and delivery workers who visit customers on a weekly or monthly basis. Delicate clothing doesn't fit those situations. Clothing must be sturdy, able to stand up to a bit of rough wear-and-tear and friction from moving products to customers. Red Kap workwear delivers industrial clothing ideal for this type of work. Red Kap clothing come in several styles and can easily mix and match wholesale Red Kap shirts with work shorts, work pants and jackets. You can also apply name badges after receiving these items if your company needs to customize them.

Medical Industry Clothing

Whether you are a physician, nurse or medical assistant, hardy clothing is necessary in your job to last through many washings and still look professional on the job. Red Kap clothing also provides lab coats and gripper shirts that have a uniform style for medical offices. Adding name badges to our Red Kap workwear is easy once the clothes arrive in your office. Your patients will appreciate your professionalism and clean-cut look.

Industrial Warehouse and Maintenance Work Clothes

Manufacturing, warehouse and maintenance workers are always looking for professional and stylish clothing that can handle the workload. Unlike office work, these jobs require clothing that can stay comfortable while taking a beating. It is easy for clothing to get rubbed, scratched, and dirty from your duties. However, it is important that these incidences don't damage the shirts and pants so you need a replacement from this rough treatment. After all, these types of situations are a regular part of your day. Affordable, durable clothes are what you need in your industry. Red Kap Workwear is just for you!

Having a Uniform Look

Professional clothing is different for each industry and job. Red Kap Clothing is designed to work just as hard as you do each and every day on the floor of the manufacturing plant, in your delivery vehicle and when you visit clients to install or repair their equipment. You can have the same outfit on every day by selecting the color and style of your work shirts and pants and present a uniform look each time your customer sees you. Wholesale Red Kap shirts give you an official presentation while keeping you looking great everywhere you go on the job. Take a look at what Red Kap workwear has to offer for your next work outfit.

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