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Showing 1 - 20 of 38 items

Stay warm and comfortable studying for class in your dorm room in wholesale Alternative Apparel clothing. Alternative t shirts feel great on and you can wear them to class, the library and to your study group. Wear them all day no matter where you are.

Easy Peasy for Students

High school and college students appreciate the versatility of wholesale Alternative Apparel vintage-style t-shirts, tanks and 3/4 sleeve tees. Designed and shaped for men and women, these clothes take you from the coffee shop to the classroom, from the bandstand to the bookstand. Slouchy tops, v-neck t-shirts and fleece pullover hoodies are all part of the collection for young men and women. Study in style with Alternative t shirts, cozy sweatpants and eco-fleece sweatshirts.

Vintage Styling

Classic colors are display in vintage-style clothing from wholesale Alternative Apparel. Sweatshirts, long-sleeve t-shirts and raglan 3/4 sleeve shirts are great for wearing out to eat on the weekends and evenings. Sporty fashions are great for get-togethers with friends and family to watch your favorite movie or football game. Wear these eco-fleece sweats and hoodies to your sorority or fraternity party without any worries. You can easily wash them and wear again to your next event. You will feel cool and comfortable in these wonderful separates.

Mix and Match

Made for creating easy outfits, mix and match Alternative t shirts, tanks, pants and jackets with each other in white, black, gray and red or a combination of two of those colors. It is easy to figure out how to pair pieces for a pulled-together look. When you get back home, you can pull on some sweatpants for sitting on the couch and eating leftover pizza. It isn't hard to be relaxed and looking terrific while doing it.

Hoodies are Fun

Hoodies are the all-purpose clothing of the college world. You can throw one on to cover up from the rain or tie it around your waist for cooler weather in the evening. Pull up the hood for protection against the elements or even if you are just too shy for the party. Curl up in your beanbag chair with your hoodie on for a nap or share it with your roommate when she runs to class. Wholesale Alternative Apparel has lots of hoodies for you to wear and share with zipper closing and drawstring hood for easy protection. Layer them over your tank and t-shirt for through and through warm in the library while you are studying for your next exam. Soft fabric is enticing and will help you cuddle up with your best friend as you relax between classes. Wearing an Alternative Apparel hoodie is almost like getting a soft hug from your mom even when she is miles away. You will love these wholesale Alternative t shirts today and every day.

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