5 Tips When Creating a Promotional Shirt

Whether you own a retail establishment and want to get your name out there or you have a cause near and dear to your heart, one excellent way of sharing your message is by ordering promotional t-shirts. You can outfit yourself, staff, and friends in these shirts, sell them to customers, or give them away and gain free advertising each time someone decides to throw one on and be seen by countless eyes in public. However, not every t-shirt promotion is met with success. These five simple tips will assure your program is a worthwhile investment.

  • Quality is Key – No matter how attractive your logo, if it is printed on a boxy, ill-fitting, or uncomfortable shirt, you will have a hard time convincing people to wear it. Additionally, a low-quality shirt can make your brand appear cheap or inferior.
  • Make it Fun – The best promotional shirts don’t feel like a promotion. If your shirt looks like a giveaway, it will not achieve the level of appreciation you hope it may. Think about a popular restaurant or brewery. Visitors to the restaurant pay $28 to wear a t-shirt that advertises the brand. While you may not achieve that level of success, think about making a shirt that customers will want to wear.
  • Offer Options – Not everyone wears a men’s medium or large. Think about offering women’s sizes, sizes ranging up to 2XL, and other options as needed. This way, anyone who may want to wear your design will find one that fits.
  • Colors – While you want to create a shirt that utilizes the colors of your brand, think about making them wearable. While your brand utilizes a bright yellow and red design, perhaps it would be better to offer a grey or black shirt with a yellow and red logo—instead of making the shirt itself a bright yellow.
  • Work With Experts – Not every company that prints these shirts is in the t-shirt promotion business. Find a company that knows what it takes to create shirts that will wow everyone who sees them.

As you can see, there are many things you need to consider before you place an order for promotional t-shirts. If you have any questions or concerns about your t-shirt promotion program or want to discuss your ideas, give us a call.

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Nov 1st 2022

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