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Red House
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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items

If you want to look great on the job, and spend your time concentrating on your work, then you will love Red House Clothing. Red House Apparel is designed for the professional in mind with work-casual Red House shirts in a range of solid colors and patterns for men and women. Primarily button-down shirts for men and women, Red House apparel is perfect for marketing, sales and office professionals of any stripe. If you work in a medical, dental, law or architect's office, you will look just right in one of the shirts from Red House.

Cool and Professional

Showing your best face to vendors and clients is easy with Red House shirts and slacks or a skirt. Red House clothing uses vivid solid colors such as gray, blue, pink and purple that are sure to catch someone's eye as you make your presentation to your client. Subtle patterns are also found in Red House Apparel button-down shirts for men and women. Women's shirts have an attractive cut that any woman will love to wear all day. Men's shirts are classic in style and easy to match with existing pants. Wear shirts under a suit jacket or alone for a professional appearance in any job.

Non-Iron Materials

Your day is made much easier because of Red House clothing non-iron materials. No need to send shirts out to the dry cleaner for starching and pressing. Wash Red House shirts at home and steam them for a smooth finish. Or lightly press them with your hot iron for a pressed look. You definitely won't break your arm ironing all of the shirts on laundry day. Red House knows that your life is full of busy days and nights and you do not need extra work to prove that you are good at your job.

Style and Substance

Red House Apparel will keep you in classic style for every meeting with your boss or vendor presentation. If you man the booth at the next industry convention, your prospects will be impressed with your Red House clothing. You can keep anyone's eye with these professional long- and short-sleeved shirts that will carry you through the week any time of year. It is easy to pair Red House shirts with other high-quality separates. The colors will match nicely with sports jackets or suit and tie or you can find several styles of skirts and slacks that will blend nicely. You can feel confident when you wear Red House shirts because you are putting your best foot forward. Show off your unique classic style with the wide variety of shirts that Red House has to offer. For professional in any industry who want to look calm and collected in any profession, try Red House Apparel.

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