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Showing 1 - 20 of 570 items

Celebrating 20 years

Port Authority clothing has something for everyone in the family, dad, mom and the kids. With a sophisticated style for casual days at home or at work, Port Authority wholesale provides a colorful array of clothing for a wide range of events. Port Authority is well-known for high-quality clothing for all seasons. You can easily layer their shirts, vests and jackets for work or outdoor fun. Wear their jewel tone tops at home while working around the house or running errands to get your family through the week. Many of their tops are suitable for work alone or under a jacket and you can double up during colder weather with a sweater vest, hoodie or fleece jacket.

Great School Clothes

Kids need comfortable school clothing that won't distract from their school work. Port Authority clothing provides this comfort for girls and boys in long-sleeve and short-sleeve polo shirts in attractive colors. Even teens will look their best in Port Authority polos and jackets

Casual and Professional Work Clothing for Men and Women

You can look your best in Port Authority polo shirts for a casual office or long- and short-sleeved blouses and men's shirts for a stricter dress code. Port Authority tops come in a wide range of colors, so many that you can wear one every day and still have plenty more to choose from. Pair tops with sweaters, vests and jackets for both men and women and you will not only look terrific, but also feel great too. Your boss won't have anything to complain about with Port Authority clothing. Bosses love comfort also.

Go Out on the Weekend in Comfort and Style

Port Authority wholesale clothing is also a good choice for weekend jaunts and events. With the high-quality materials in every Port Authority top, you will easily go out and visit friends, and then to a restaurant without worrying about looking anything but your best. Pair tops with anything from jeans to slacks or a skirt for an evening of great food, companionship and fun. Your clothes will be attractive, colorful and comfortable while staying fresh throughout the evening. Everyone in the family will enjoy wearing Port Authority clothing.

Mix and Match

It is fun to mix and match with Port Authority separates because you have a slew of colors and styles to wear. By adding just one or two pieces to your wardrobe, you also add multiple pairings. Port Authority clothing work well with other casual and professional clothing already in your closet. You can dress up any previous outfits with the addition of Port Authority. Customers love the fit and feel.

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