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Showing 1 - 20 of 149 items

Many businesses opt to have their employees wear company shirts, as they recognize there are numerous benefits associated with doing so. When companies go to select a provider for these shirts, they often choose to make use of Port & Company apparel, as this provider is known for combining value and quality in all of their garments. The basic clothing and accessories come at a great price, making this the perfect fit for many organizations. Choose from sweatshirts, t-shirts and more, and find items appropriate for adults and children alike. Why should every business consider making use of Port and Company shirts?


  • Customers see an employee in corporate clothing and typically think of a large, reputable company. As a result, they have more confidence in the products and services they are offering. This shows in the company's bottom line.
  • Consistency is of great importance when it comes to marketing, and this holds true for corporate uniforms also. They see the apparel and know whether they have had good experiences in the past or bad ones with the business. Customers want to work with organizations they know are reliable and the uniform tells them whether this is so.
  • When given two brands to select from, individuals choose the one with an identifiable brand simply because they perceive it to be of higher quality.
  • A consumer sees a person in uniform and considers them to be a person in authority and an expert in their field. The employee serves as a brand ambassador, and the consumer sees him or her as someone who is competent and able to assist them.

Workplace Culture

Companies that require employees to wear uniforms find the dress code is appreciated by all. While it allows the employees to look professional, they feel the uniforms are comfortable and, as a result, report higher morale and satisfaction. In addition, when all employees are required to wear the clothing, there is less of a distinction between the various job roles. Organizations find this helps to improve communication and promotes teamwork and coordination. One major benefit to the company involves the attitude of employees. Wearing the same clothing helps all to obtain a better understanding of the organization's mission, goals and values. Each time the uniform is worn, the employee feels as if they need to uphold those principles and represent the company in a positive light. As a result, customer service typically improves.


Employees, when they wear the clothes to and from work, often provide the company with free advertising. They make stops on their way home or as they head to the office, and others pick up on the clothing they are wearing. This may be a simple stop to purchase gas or it may be a weekly trip to the grocery store that takes an extended period of time. Research shows a consumer needs to see a company name multiple times before it is cemented in their brain, and this free advertising helps in that respect. The more employees the company has, the greater this benefit is.

Customer Confidence

Allowing a stranger into one's home or office is never easy, but corporate uniforms, such as those offered through Port & Company, can provide a person with confidence. The uniform identifies the person immediately and lets the person know this is someone they feel comfortable with. When the uniform is worn in a retail location, consumers know exactly who to approach if they have a question or need assistance. This helps to close the sale, as it is frustrating when an employee cannot be found in a situation such as this. Uniforms help to eliminate this issue, and the consumer and company both benefit.

Employee Benefits

Employees find they love corporate clothing for reasons other than those mentioned above. When a uniform is issued to an employee, there is never any question as to what to wear to work. Workers don't feel they have to spend a great deal of money trying to impress others in an effort to move up in the organization, as everyone is wearing the same thing. They can work on improving their skills to progress in their career and save their money for other items they want or need. This reduces tension in the workplace and eases the financial burden of many employees.

If you have yet to check out Port and Company shirts for your organization, now is the time to do so. The numerous benefits associated with corporate clothing should never be discounted, especially when these items can be obtained for a reasonable price. The return on investment is much greater than many companies realize, and this needs to change. Thanks to the wide selection of Port and Company long sleeved t shirts, pocket t shirts and more, every organization can find the right clothing for their needs at a great price.

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